Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who Deserves a Bentley?

Not this clown. The fascinating 'praising of the Lord' you see below is that of Bishop Anthony L. Jinwright from some church of ignorant followers in Charlotte, NC. Also, after you watch, please tell me why it's so necessary for preachers in general to speak the way he does....

Mr. Jinwright lived such a wonderful, lavish lifestyle compared to most preachers: $42,000 in ONE YEAR leasing a 2005 Bentley (paid by his church); lives (hopefully lived) in a lakefront mansion formerly owned by NFL legend Reggie White; personal living expenses including utilities, lawn care, dry cleaning, house cleaning, and car washes totaling more than $85,000 per year for six years; he 'earned' more than $500,000/year from the church and his wife also had total 'earnings' of $800,000 in the same period. They didn't 'earn' a damn thing.

I find it so very easy to sleep at night knowing this idiot was charged on April 21, 2009 with five counts of tax evasion, five counts of tax perjury, one count of lying to federal agents, and three counts of mail fraud. Absolutely freakin' hilarious.

You will come to learn I have many unexplained issues, complaints, and suggestions for religion as a whole. Issue relating to this man:

Is it fair that the Lord rewards you and allows you to live this lifestyle, at the same time your birdbrained congregation doesn't have total annual household income of even $25,000 but you double that per year on a leased Bentley?

The Lord works in mysterious ways, huh? Riiiight...

I can't believe he's been the head Bishop of this church for nearly 30 years. Just goes to show the lack of intelligence people have.

For more information about this case, visit:

.you are a plague.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Instant monetary gratification.

The tax deadline has passed. Why do all of you scramble to the post office on the very last day every single year? The ones having to pay a hefty amount to the government, I can understand, but those getting a refund.... why does it take you so long? I'll be the first to admit that I'm a procrastinator and didn't submit my taxes online until April 14th, but I wasn't scrambling everything together at the literal last second. I had it all organized before-hand. So simple to do.

What I want to talk about is this Rapid Refund crap.
*see disclaimer to your right, because there are obviously exceptions to what I'm about to criticize.
You're getting a tax refund. Great. Congrats. Now, why in the hell are you blowing $200-$400 just to get it back quicker?! That's easy money! Do you know what you can do with $200-$400? Obviously you don't. Now I know a small percentage (or maybe larger due to the current economic situation) of people really do need money quick; perhaps for a utility bill to make sure you have lights and water, or you have nothing but crumbs in your pantry, or your child has no diapers. There is no way everybody and their mama that uses Rapid Refund is in that type of situation. I refuse to believe it. If you have a decent amount of money in the bank already, be smart, and just wait a couple weeks!

Furthermore, has anyone besides me noticed that title loan companies and check-cashing franchises are more commonplace in impoverished communities? Think about that. They know those areas are lacking simple education and the illiterate patrons will do everything they can for a quick buck like use their car/house/child(ren) as collateral. Seriously, there is a town not too far from me that has 1-2 of those franchises in every shopping center. There's even one that was converted from a fast-food joint! Take a wild guess at what the population consists of. I'll leave it at that.

.you are a plague.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy freakin' Easter.

I wanted to post this, of course, on Easter Sunday but was too busy. No, not with church activities or lame egg hunts. Family dinner. That's it.

Egg hunts. Hmmm. Should they be called 'hunts' anymore? It's not hunting when the chaps are walking around in some dumb field at some church picking up eggs out of the grass. Boring! Come on you preachers and deacons and pastors and choir members and congregation and whoever else is in a church! Make those snot-nosed brats work a little bit. I remember when I was little and used to get dragged to a local church on Easter morning and then PICK UP eggs out of the grass. Even then, I wasn't like all of the other little deranged kids all excited about getting an egg with a Skittle in it.

Don't get me wrong; Easter eggs and the Easter bunny are more understandable to me than the whole religious aspect of the holiday. It's a fun time for kids to celebrate something- IF the eggs are truly hidden and not scattered in grass. But think about it: A couple days out of the year, people who call themselves religious crowd themselves into a church and pray and worship the rising of Jesus. What about the rest of the year, you say? Oh, they sin in every way imaginable and 'get saved' every few months. This is another subject I will elaborate on later, though, in an upcoming rant.

I've gone off on a tangent which is easy to do while discussing things that annoy me to no end.

.you are a plague.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

to the die-hard sports idiots.

Now is an excellent time to discuss how I feel about sports maniacs. UNC just won the NCAA championship! Or NBA, or NAACP, or whatever the hell it is. Tell me, what do you- the crazed fanatic- gain from them or any of your other teams winning at any sport event?

Nothing. Some say bragging rights (woo-hoo) or pride for attending the college (like they were ever on the team) or winning a bet (seriously, how much money could possibly be at stake?).

Passion for what you love and care about is awesome. Your child, your job, a logical hobby, etc. But wearing your jersey everywhere in public and attaching your flags to your car doors is lunacy. Aggressively arguing with coworkers or friends to 'defend your territory' is barbaric and primitive. C'mon, it's not a matter of life and death. Yet sadly, some people take it to that level. Losers. And screaming at the TV (or the referees for that matter if you're at a live game) will do nothing. You just make yourself look even more like the redneck you are. The same really applies to you parents at your child's basketball or football game. Your son or daughter is always the best player and does nothing wrong, right?

Try to think of something that aggression and anger can really go into... something that might benefit your life.

.you are a plague.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

'Grace' us with original names, please.

You don't have to go far to see pregnant women these days. And the US Census Bureau says less babies are being born during this recession. Ha.

I have no problem with you wanting to procreate and fashion your own child with your penis and vagina; my wife is pregnant and might I add: it was planned. One problem I have is with all of these dumb girls popping out babies left and right (certain races more than others). That's another blog post coming soon though.

The problem I want to center on right now is baby name originality. We've had our name ideas for years now, and have came across maybe one child with a name we want to use. Mind you, they are not stupid made-up names (like the African-derived names ending with -ika or -quan, etc.)
Now - I completely understand you wanting to continue a tradition, carrying on family names and ancestors' names. I wouldn't do it, because I'm a Jr. and don't really like it, but I understand. Tell me though... are there that many people with grandmothers and great-grandmothers named Grace? or grandfathers and great-grandfathers named Aiden (or anything ending with -den)? No. There are not.

I have come to the conclusion that you are stupid -yes I said stupid- for naming your daughter Grace, Emma, or Ava; or your son Aiden, Kaden, or Brayden (or ANY other name sounding like that) because you think it's beautiful. They are not beautiful. They are completely the opposite of beautiful. Like I said: stupid. By no means are they unique. Are these the new 'Bob'? and 'Richard'? and 'Jennifer'? Hell, Jennifer is better than these.

I'm baffled by the fact that I can count on two hands - TWO, not one - the people that just we know with baby Emma Grace. "Aww, how cute." barf.

Please stop. I really do not comprehend the logic behind this. If a name is in the Top 10 of Baby Names (or 100 for that matter), why in the hell do you think it's unique? This is going to do nothing but create future classrooms with 24 of 27 students shouting 'Here!' repeatedly during attendance time. They won't have their own identity without straining themselves to stand out. Do you really want to do that to your child?

Maybe you should reconsider if you are pregnant and planning to use any of these names, or any similar to these. Or hell, even if you've already given birth and used these names - drive your cookie-cutter redneck ass to the local courthouse and file for a name change.

.you are a plague.

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