Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This week in religion: evolution! "Oh no!"

"I didn't come from no damn monkey!" is usually what you hear from the typical Bible-bending redneck.  Who has said that we came from monkeys?!  Evolution is a very slow process.  So slow that that redneck can't fathom millions of years, yet alone counting past 100.  Obvious physical features, combined with studies on primate mental and cognitive traits clearly resemble our own.  Does it mean a 'monkey' birthed you from its loins?  No. 

Evolution combined with natural selection or 'survival of the fittest' is so rational that is slaps you in the face.  Birth traits that are different, yet remain strong for specific reasons, will naturally sustain life in a more efficient manner, making way for improved offspring.  Thus, long story short, we now have a booming civilization of humans, not from Adam and Eve nor monkeys, but primates- a primitive form of us.

I can't say it enough: think for yourself, be open to and consider highly intelligent scientists' theories, remove your halo and climb down off of your pearly white cathedral pedestal surrounded by fog formed from holy water.

.you are a plague.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

This week in religion: primitive thinking.

There are limitless possibilities for us as a civilization, and as a planet - as long as we take the steps to come close to those possibilities before our star (the Sun, for those that didn't know that's what it is) explodes and engulfs us. Maybe that's the 'fire and brimstone' era of the future that is preached upon us... ha.

Science isn't mumbo jumbo, people.  We are on a tiny planet, in a tiny solar system, in a tiny galaxy surrounded by trillions of other solar systems.  NASA has only begun to break the ice on discovering exoplanets.  We're still the only planet with life though, right?  We were created by one man, in seven days, and there is no other type of life elsewhere in our never-ending universe.  If you believe this, you are more primitive than the microscopic bacteria that likely started growth on Earth billions of years ago. 

I don't know, but I know there is life out there.  Only sheer logic, probability, and science prove this to me.

I have one other thing for you to consider:  have you heard about the ancient hieroglyphics that have been uncovered depicting 'men' in headgear that are clearly similar to oxygen masks, and aircraft that resemble helicopters and UFOs reportedly spotted all over the world?  I'm not going to say I think we were brought here by aliens and meant to populate this planet, but I definitely feel it is more logical that the aforementioned possibility.  Aliens may not be 'aliens' at all... they could walk, talk, eat, breathe, have sex, and live the same ways we do. 

I leave you with this witty, but brutal phrase I read on Digg:
Science flies you to the moon.  Religion flies you into buildings.

.you are a plague.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

This week in religion: an answer for everything.

Solely worshipping and believing and praying for things that have been crammed into your mind isn't mentally healthy.  Avid church-goers grow up with their parents and other family members constantly telling them what's right and wrong, what is a sin and what isn't.  This is merely mind control, using fear, the greatest fear being eternal burning with the 'Devil'. 

There seems to be an answer to everything with Christians (and I'm going to use Christianity mostly, due to my lack of knowledge and ignorance in regards to other religions, even though they're all similar).
For instance, one fear-feeding phrase that pisses me off the most: "Satan's biggest accomplishment is for people to believe he doesn't exist".   That is absolutely preposterous.  A kindergartner could come up with that, yet millions follow that underdeveloped mindset.

When asked anything about good fortune- a tornado missing one's house, not getting ran over by a train, or winning the lottery.... it's all because the Lord 'raised his hand and watched over me.'  When asked about bad fortune- contracting an STD, crashing head-on into a transfer truck, or failing a test.... it's all because the Lord 'knows what is best and has his plan for me, even if it isn't now.'  Horse shit.

What about sinning, you ask?  Well, you may not ask, but I do.  I know so many people that attend church every Sunday and/or Wednesday, constantly asking for their sins to be forgiven.  Surely, you see what I'm getting at.  If you are so against premarital sex, offensive language, snortin' blow, and taking money from your cash register at work, then don't do it.  Oh wait- you can, as long as you ask the Lord for forgiveness so you can still see the pearly gates.

Think for yourself.  Be open-minded.  Don't disregard theories or experiments or outlandish things that seem impossible or ungodly.

.you are a plague.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

This week in religion: a cover-up for insecurity.

I'm going to tackle this topic not as one post, but a week of posts filled with my opinions.  Remember, everyone has them. 

I just have so much to say about religion, Christian extremists, 'sinning', where we came from, etc., that I didn't want to cram it into one unabridged screen full of text that would hurt my 4 readers' eyes.

I'll start with a quote from a Facebook 'friend' of mine the other day while it's fresh on my mind:
"I'd rather live life as if there is a God then find out there isn't - than live life as if there's not a God and die and find out there is."
It is crystal clear to me that she's only rephrasing what I've always thought about religion in general, and she doesn't even realize it.  Religion, to me, helps get rid of the fear of death and what happens after you die.  Do correct me if I'm wrong but that's what she said, just in her words.

And here's a quote from a more notable source:
"Belief is a cover-up for insecurity" -Deepak Chopra

The majority of my family is religious, goes to church regularly, and is forgiven of their sins just like every other Christian.  I will not berate, bad-mouth, or harass religion in this week of posts- I'll just question it a bit...  After all, we are free to believe, think, say, feel, and worship what we want, right?

.you are a plague.

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