Friday, April 2, 2010

This week in religion: a cover-up for insecurity.

I'm going to tackle this topic not as one post, but a week of posts filled with my opinions.  Remember, everyone has them. 

I just have so much to say about religion, Christian extremists, 'sinning', where we came from, etc., that I didn't want to cram it into one unabridged screen full of text that would hurt my 4 readers' eyes.

I'll start with a quote from a Facebook 'friend' of mine the other day while it's fresh on my mind:
"I'd rather live life as if there is a God then find out there isn't - than live life as if there's not a God and die and find out there is."
It is crystal clear to me that she's only rephrasing what I've always thought about religion in general, and she doesn't even realize it.  Religion, to me, helps get rid of the fear of death and what happens after you die.  Do correct me if I'm wrong but that's what she said, just in her words.

And here's a quote from a more notable source:
"Belief is a cover-up for insecurity" -Deepak Chopra

The majority of my family is religious, goes to church regularly, and is forgiven of their sins just like every other Christian.  I will not berate, bad-mouth, or harass religion in this week of posts- I'll just question it a bit...  After all, we are free to believe, think, say, feel, and worship what we want, right?

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