Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This week in religion: evolution! "Oh no!"

"I didn't come from no damn monkey!" is usually what you hear from the typical Bible-bending redneck.  Who has said that we came from monkeys?!  Evolution is a very slow process.  So slow that that redneck can't fathom millions of years, yet alone counting past 100.  Obvious physical features, combined with studies on primate mental and cognitive traits clearly resemble our own.  Does it mean a 'monkey' birthed you from its loins?  No. 

Evolution combined with natural selection or 'survival of the fittest' is so rational that is slaps you in the face.  Birth traits that are different, yet remain strong for specific reasons, will naturally sustain life in a more efficient manner, making way for improved offspring.  Thus, long story short, we now have a booming civilization of humans, not from Adam and Eve nor monkeys, but primates- a primitive form of us.

I can't say it enough: think for yourself, be open to and consider highly intelligent scientists' theories, remove your halo and climb down off of your pearly white cathedral pedestal surrounded by fog formed from holy water.

.you are a plague.


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