Monday, June 28, 2010

Ebony, but no Ivory?

As I was recently strolling through Target (one of my favorite stores because it lacks the WalMart shoppers), I noticed something that did disappoint me...

I was pleased to see an 'Ebony' greeting card section [yay for the blacks! yet another race-appeasing social move to make you feel more like you own the planet]. So, I decided to see if there was an 'Ivory' section, all the while knowing there wouldn't be- and I was correct! Go figure!

What would Ebony-specific cards have written in them anyway?  Or pictured on the outside?
Misspelled 'simplified' ebonics English? Congratulating another on their purchase of a $80,000 Mercedes with drug money?  Picture of Oprah? Al Sharpton?  Kanye West?

Oh no, I'm a racist/stereo-typist now, huh?  But you're not, even though you have your Ebony card section?

.you are a plague.

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